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Easy bakes with the kid

Morning all hope your all well as some of you will be and the kids love cooking together sometime on the anxiety days we don't get out as much as we could. So I like to find ways of having fun at home. Baking some yummy treats is a fun way to get messy and… Continue reading Easy bakes with the kid


Trying to go plastic-free

Recently I've become a lot more aware of the amount of non-reusable plastics that are used and discarded each day.  In the media, I have seen a few things and I've seen some companies have started taking measure mainly shops from what I've been reading. Its all a step in the right direction but is it… Continue reading Trying to go plastic-free

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How I got my toddler to brush his teeth !

Hi, my name is Jade and I have a terrible not even two years old who 'HATES 'having his teeth brushed. It's a nightly battle I thought I'd never win I tried all different toothbrushes and toothpaste. I let him brush his own let him brush my teeth to no anvil. I was at breaking… Continue reading How I got my toddler to brush his teeth !

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May 19 wins wahoo :D AND COMPETITION

 Well after last months efforts I'm definitely going to try a new routine. I'm thinking more effort comps and searching them out. I'd really love to win the rest of Emily's birthday presents and some laminate flooring Harrison's been pulling the carpet up terrible 2s have struck early if it's got a plug or if… Continue reading May 19 wins wahoo 😀 AND COMPETITION

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Blackout blind review x

Being a parent is challenging on many levels as we are all aware. So when we finally get the bedtime routine down is time to grab a gin and enjoy some me time. Then bam the clocks change in March and your sassy four-year-old daughter tell you "its light out it not be time" and… Continue reading Blackout blind review x

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Ashton Court Model Railway

The lovely Ashton court model railway is a great afternoon out. There are two 1/3 mile long tracks with several trains running which is brilliant as the kiddos don't have to wait for ages for a turn and they can have a go on all the different trains. Really reasonable prices as well which is… Continue reading Ashton Court Model Railway